How to Adjust Motorcycle Front Brake (Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, or Suzuki)

Brake on the front wheel is the most powerful brake in motorcycle since the center of gravity will move to the front tyre as the front brake is applied. It is clear that excellent front brake condition is the important aspect of motorcycle handling, and the brake lever freeplay plays a major contribution to the brake control since the brake lever is the component in which the driver put on his command to the mechanism.
This post will show you the general procedure of how to adjust motorcycle front brake freeplay, which is you can easily do by yourself at home.

1. Check:
- Brake lever free play [a]. Out of specification → Adjust.
   Free play (brake lever): 2 ~ 5 mm (at brake lever end)
2. Adjust:
- Brake lever free play
Adjustment steps:- Loosen the locknut [1].
- Turn the

How to Adjust Motorcycle Clutch Lever Freeplay

Clutch lever freeplay is the important aspect of clutch control in motorcycle handling. However, some people might not aware about this point in the maintenance. This post will show you the general procedure about how to adjust clutch lever freeplay in motorcycle.
1. Check:
- Clutch cable free play [a] Out of specification → Adjust.
   Clutch cable free play (at the end of the clutch lever): 10 ~ 15 mm

2. Adjust:
Clutch cable free play
Adjustment steps:
Handlebar side
- Loosen the locknut 1.
- Turn the adjusting bolt 2 in or out until the specified clutch cable free play is obtained.
   Turn in Clutch cable free play is

How to Replace Motorcycle Engine Oil (with Pictures)

Replacing the motorcycle engine oil is quite easy. Yet, some people still don't understand how to change their own motorcycle engine oil. So in this post we will show you the step-by-step procedure of replacement and how to check if your work is on the right path.

1. Start the engine, warm it up for several minutes, and then turn it off.
2. Place a container under the engine oil drain bolt.
3. Remove:
- Engine oil filler bolt
- Engine oil drain bolt [1] (along with the gasket)

- Oil filter element drain bolt [2] (along with